Client Testimonials

“As one of Liz’s students, I can testify to her true interest in helping her clients who struggle with the English language and may be losing the opportunity to get better jobs and live up to their true potential. She is able to balance all the factors involved in her work, including consideration of her clients’ cultural backgrounds, helping them modify the English language learning from their home countries, and giving them the tools, confidence and support to help them reach their goals. She never gives up and explains to us as many times as necessary how to pronounce American English more accurately and intelligibly, enabling us to speak with greater fluency and confidence.”

Elizabeth K. (Argentina, Speech-Language Pathologist)


“It was a pleasure working with Liz on the improvement of my Russian accent while speaking American English. Liz provided very clear instructions throughout the whole course which made them very easy to follow and execute. She was very patient and always complimented my progress which gave me a boost to go forward, as well as provided me with more confidence. I have already heard several compliments from my colleagues on the improvement I have been able to achieve thanks to Liz’s course.”

Lilia E. (Ukraine, Bank Executive Director)


"As a Japanese speaker, I had difficulty pronouncing and distinguishing between the L and R, V and B, and Th and S sounds in particular. Others had told me that they had difficulty understanding me, but they did not tell me what my mistakes were or how to correct them. My accent reduction instructor, Elizabeth Schwartz of Better Speech Now, made me realize that there was more I needed to work on than I realized. Better Speech Now caters its programs to each individual based on his/her unique pronunciation problems. If you really want to improve your American English speaking skills in a time effective and cost effective way, Better Speech Now’s program is definitely worth investing in. What I learned from Liz is my life long treasure."

Yuko I. (Japan, Marketing Data Analyst)


"I am glad that I made the decision to take the accent modification training with Elizabeth Schwartz. After 12 weeks, I could see and hear the difference in my pronunciation by comparing my first and last lesson. It helped me, as a bilingual speech therapist, to feel more confident during the team meetings I have with my colleagues at work. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your constant encouragement, support and professionalism."

Patricia B. (Argentina, Bilingual Speech Pathologist)


"The practice sentences used in my lessons have been really helpful. At an interview for an internship, knowing the right pronunciation boosted my confidence in speaking with others."

Wesley H. (China, US Navy Veteran and Business Student)


"I strongly recommend Better Speech Now's wonderful program if you need help reducing your accent. The coach is very experienced and helpful. This program involves step-by-step instructions with informative in-class and practice materials. It is a personalized approach tailored to meet your specific needs."

Ting W. (China, Attorney)


Our 2014 "Diamond level" client began working with Better Speech Now while still a law student in New York City. While juggling her studies, exams, the bar examination and the stress of being apart from her family in China, she completed her accent reduction program. She then completed two BSN refresher courses with a concentration on writing and job interview preparation. She continues to work with us via Skype from overseas where she is employed at a corporate law firm and is focused on improving her written and verbal skills. This client has shown her true commitment to mastery of the English language.

"As a a business owner who deals with clients, meetings and phone calls on a daily basis, I was confronted again and again with my lack of knowledge of English pronunciation. As an immigrant, there is that bothersome feeling that people might judge you because of your accent or that your business could do a lot better 'if I could just express myself better...' Through Better Speech Now I found that there is a lot more to learn about English pronunciation than I realized and there were sounds that l didn't know existed! It was an eye opener, fun and the teacher was a speech therapist! There's no way you can go wrong."

Julian C. (Argentina, Event Planner)


"I had a great experience with Better Speech Now. Their lessons changed my everyday life. Now I feel more confident about speaking and I can pronounce words that were impossible for me to pronounce before. Liz made me believe in myself and always praised and encouraged me."

Silmara M. (Brazil, Public Safety Officer)


"Better Speech Now has helped me achieve amazing results. My job mandates an excellent command of oral English. As a non-native speaker, I struggled with English pronunciation. This often led to a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. I tried numerous accent reduction products on the market and even attended a live course, but my efforts proved futile. When I contacted Better Speech Now in a last ditch attempt to reduce my accent, Liz was very pleasant and patiently explained to me what she did. Truly exceptional was her honesty about how many lessons I would need to improve my speech, a far fewer number than I had expected. From the first diagnostic session to the last, my progressive improvement was easily discernible. Liz easily conveyed the sincere caring she undeniably had for her clients. While her punctuality and accessibility were greatly appreciated, of more important note was Liz's obvious expertise. Working with her was pure bliss. The return on investment from my accent reduction course greatly exceeded my expectations."

Calvin C. (Hong Kong, Litigation Attorney)


"I am glad that I took the accent reduction course with Better Speech Now. It really helped me since I had a hard time pronouncing words like quote, leases, etc. which I use a lot in my line of work. Many thanks to Liz Schwartz of Better Speech Now."

Demetrios K. (Greece, Bank Vice President/Senior Client Manager)


"I worked with Elizabeth for a 10-week program. This program helped me feel more confident in my speech and more aware of my mistakes. I feel that I'm applying what I learned in my daily life and at work."

Martina C. (Italy, Marketing Analyst)


"I have greatly benefited from this course. I can observe that my speaking skills have improved at work and school. I feel more comfortable talking to fellow students and am aware that others understand me better, which was not the case earlier."

Vijay D. (India, MBA Student/Payroll Officer)


"Eastern European accents can be difficult to improve, and after moving to the US, I was searching for accent reduction professionals who could help improve my speech. Working with Elizabeth Schwartz was a very efficient experience, starting with the accent evaluation, setting goals and working on specific pronunciation problems. Better Speech Now helped me become more confident when speaking English and I would highly recommend them for their dedication and professionalism."

Aura S. (Romania, Marketing Project Manager)


"For many years, I have been self-conscious about my accent getting in the way of being understood, especially in social situations. I am so glad I made the decision to take a course with Better Speech Now. Working with Liz, I have been able to identify the sounds which were the most difficult for me and I feel much more confident."

Mariano D. (Dominican Republic, Retail Manager)


"I truly enjoyed this program. I've taken other accent reduction classes in the past, but none of them helped me the way this program did. I feel I'm now much more aware of the challenges I have to work on in order to improve my pronunciation. This program helped me see English in a completely different way and really pay attention to the words and sounds each time I speak. This is key for me, as I'm an actress working in a foreign language."

Nanda A. (Argentina, Actress/Translator)


"I worked with Better Speech Now on my specific needs to help me speak clearly and reduce my accent. Ms. Schwartz helped me understand how to use English vowels and consonants correctly. Now I feel more confident when speaking. I would highly recommend Better Speech Now to anyone who needs to reduce their accent and improve their pronunciation."

Jana L. (Slovakia, Elementary School Teacher)

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